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Building Maintenance
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Self Service Car Wash Burnaby

Our Wash Process is the safest, most effective way to clean and maintain your vehicle's finish and value. Our 25 years experience, our devoted research and development team and our sophisticated training practices ensure that our customers receive the best and safest car wash.

Car Wash Burnaby detailing service is a quick touch up designed to give a quick shine and a little protection. These services are done relatively quickly and include services such as hand waxing , carpet shampoo, & mini detailing. These services provide a quick cleanup and shine, but do not provide the long term protection of restoration detailing and can only be performed on vehicles that do not have badly damaged finishes or heavily soiled interiors.

Detail Services range from basic detailing to complete revitalization starting @ $99.00 Basic
* Complete Exterior Hand Wash (Includes Tires & Wheels)
* Complete Interior Clean (Includes Dash Clean/ Protection & Interior Wipe)
* Dress Tires
* Exterior Wax
* Window Buff

Car Wash Services Burnaby BC

New Car protection packages & other services available:
* Paint Protection
* Fabric & Leather Protection
* Interior Carpet & Upholstery Shampoo
* Window Tinting
* Window & Chrome Buff
* Cut Polish
* Engine Dressing
* Super glaze

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